Good news for Pakistan and Bangladesh people is that now you can verify PayPal account with free Payoneer Account. Yes this is amazing opportunity and not only you will get free account but also $25 bonus when you load $100 in your account. Let me tell you one thing that the whole process is lengthy but it’s very easy and all you have to do is to follow the simple steps mention below. Also I will try to answer all your questions regarding any issue like verifying address or phone number in PayPal account. Another thing to mention is that whole process is totally free which means you will not pay a single penny and in return you will get many things.

Things you Need to Know

Before you read the above mention guides you need to consider few things in mind and one of the biggest thing is that this method is only recommended for newbies users who wanted to start earning money online and receive payment via PayPal. Payoneer in Pakistan is the easiest way to get payments online. If you want to start any business or have big payments than this method is not recommended for you because they can any time limit your account and you have to provide legal documents in order to unlock your account.

Second thing is that you have to provide only US name, telephone number and address in PayPal otherwise they can easily detect your account and block it.

Full Verification Process

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How to Verify US Address in PayPal

In order to get US address you need to signup and create free account on ViaBox site. After signup login into your account and you will see your virtual US address in the yellow box that appear right at the top of your screen. Use this address when signing up for PayPal account.

us address verification

Verifying PayPal account Phone Number

At this point of time they are sending sms for phone verification and there are tons of free services available online which can do this task for you. Get your own Free US Phone number with Free Voicemail from, or

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