Some of you might be searching for legitimate hyips (High Yield Investment Programs) that are paying in 2017. These type of schemes are not for everyone because you can lose all your money in one go without any sign or signal. But the benefit is that you will get huge profits if you invest wisely. Don’t get fooled by their high quality web design and images. Always search and research before investing any money what so ever in even most stable hyip. The life span of these sites is very short and you need to act fast or lose your dollars.

Many people asked me about best hyip sites in 2017 and my answer to this question varies all the time. Please keep in mind that some sites pay you on monthly basis where as other may pay you on weekly, daily or even hourly basis. These types of schemes start back in 2002 when this was totally new concept. Profit start from 10% to 200% but higher the margin higher the rick will be.

How to find a Good Trusted HYIP Investment Sites

When ever some one wants to give money to other people he or she will definitely invest huge capital in things like website design, license script, quality advertisements and attractive package. But this doesn’t mean that every site with same features will going to pay you. A good Admin with paying reputation is also a major indicator to find paying HYIP.

Good Strategy

First of all search for at-least three websites in same field whether it’s trusted revenue sharing sites or HYIP business. Always divide your capital into same amount and invest money in all websites at same time. Always go for small profit schemes with short period of time. Initially I would recommend you to invest on daily basis for maximum 20 days period. After twenty days withdrawal all your money and move to the other site.

Things to Avoid

  • Never ever invest borrow money in these programs because 50% chances are that you will lose you money. If you are not lucky enough and some one scams you then you left behind with debit.
  • Never trust any one wording and try to research on your own. Don’t trust on reviews like this because a site may be paying at the writing of this article but sooner or later it may be a scam.
  • If you find a good website than it’s the real challenge for you. Don’t waste any more time because time is the real key in this business.
  • Never ever go for lifetime Repurchase or profit worth 200% because 99% chances are that these program will be scam.

Top 5 Longest Running HYIP Programs

With so many options to choose from it’s very difficult for newbie to choose site and be successful. But don’t you worry we are here to help you and we will only tell you about programs which are reliable and trusted.

1) Banana Fund

If you even heard about PaidVerts or MyTrafficValue traffic exchange websites than there is a good news for you. Banana Fund is run by the administration of these sites and if you trust them then you are good to go. It’s not just another HYIP site, you can actually fund & trade startups using Bitcoin. This platform is also very useful to those people who have small business ideas but have no resources to do it. Just tell them about your ideal and they will code for you and if they feel this is actually working then they will share the profit with all investors like you and me.

2) Questra World

Started on Jan 28, 2013 the site is still new but reports are that it’s paying and that too instantly. Main plans include 12% profit daily for 12 days so it’s good specially for newbies. keep in mind that minimum deposit amount is $20 and minimum you can withdraw is one dollar.

Started in Apr 8, 2016 with over 5000 clients and 146K dollars invested this site is no joke. If you are a short term investor then you have a good opportunity in the form of Crypto Solutions. They will give you 101% after 1 Day and minimum you can invest is just $10. There referral program is more powerful than Zooo and you can earn up-to 10% commission on every qualified referral.

3) Atlantic Global Asset Management

You will not believe when I told you that this site is online for 427 days and still paying. Basically they have eight plans starting from $25 to $25K which is really huge. On 8th plan you will get 200% profit but for this you need to invest at-least twenty five thousand US dollars. Basic plan gives you up to 1.25% Daily which also includes principle. It’s duration is 110 Days and you can invest up to 400 dollars.

Advisor Invest started it’s business on Oct 17, 2016 and since them they never look back. With over fifteen thousand members and office located in United kingdom what else you want. They promise to pay 135% after just 24 hours and 1100% after 15 days so if you are still thinking to invest them you may lose a potential market.

4) World Wide Trade inc

The good thing about World Wide Trade inc is that it’s paying since January 2016 and it’s office is located in 58 Kensington High St. Kensington, London, United Kingdom. You can not only reach them by email but also can call 24/7 on their support number. Basically they have 9 plans starting from 125% after 1 Day and goes on upto 3500% after 60 days. Although they do not pay instantly but Admin is available for 24/7 which means you can withdraw your money any day a week.

5) Ethtrade

One of the longest paying sites and online for almost 800 days. It’s really changing the HYIP sites business with profit rate of just 3% but you can totally rely on them. When you will first check the site you will notice a very ordinary design and no contact info. But let me tell you that it’s Admin and support staff is very co-operate and very few people have issues with this program. Minimum you can invest is %50 and maximum $700 and profit will be given on weekly basis. They also have a referral program with 1% commission which is not huge but it’s there.