Today in skrill account review we will tell you how to verify Skrill account verification in Pakistan. The process is very simple and after that you can withdraw money easily via any ATM. For this you need two things, First a document of your home address verification(e.g any utility bill copy like Electricity or Suigas bill) and Free Payoneer Mastercard which you can obtained by visiting this link. Card will be deliverable at your home address and you have to pay no charges for all this service which is really cool.

Verify Skrill Account

In order to withdraw money you need to first verify your account so that you can add any debit or credit card like Payoneer etc. For this just scan the recent bill copy of any utility bill and upload it via this Skrill Help Hub page. After that it will ask you to login into your account by signing in. Enter your username and password and upload the document. Wait for 2 to 4 business days and soon your account will be address verified. Please note that bill should be on your own name not on your father or brother name. Also home address should be the same on bill as mention in your skrill account.


Add Payoneer US Payment Service Bank Account

Now in order to receive money into your Payoneer card you need to add US Payment service bank account info attached to your Payoneer account. By default you will not get this account with your card and you have to apply for it. The procedure is very simple and all you have to do is to login into your account and click on US payment service link. After that you need to supply your National ID card scan copy and fill the questionnaire form which is just a formality. After that you can use routing code and US bank account info mention on that page. Just copy this info and login into your skrill account. Under “Cards and Banks” account link click on add bank account button and add the info. Now you are ready to cash dollars into your local currency(rupees in Pakistan’s case).


Withdraw Money into Payoneer Card

Now is the time to get money into your hands by simply cashing the dollars into your local currency. For this login into your account and click on withdraw money. After that select the bank and enter the amount you need to withdraw. Please note here that they will charge USD 3.29 fee for every transaction and you can cash out at least $15 which means you cannot withdraw less than this amount.


Add Payoneer Mastercard(optional)

After address verification it’s time to add Payoneer Mastercard into your Skrill account. This will give you the power to upload funds. Login into your account and click on Cards and Banks Account link located at the top of your account. Now add your card details like 16 digit number, CVV code and card expiry date. Now they will deduct some amount from your card between 1 to 3 dollars. Don’t worry amount will be added in your account and all you have to do is to note down the amount number like 1.56 or 2.61 etc. Enter this amount into card verification page in your skrill account and you are done.