How to Rent Referrals in PTC Sites Free Urdu Guide


If you are a member of top 10 ptc sites like neobux urdu guide than you may need to buy Golden membership in order to increase your income. You might be thinking why on earth we pay money for work we done to these sites. Well actually paid membership verify that you are a customer who is willing to pay money and that what attracts advertisers. They want to show their ads to persons who are real and willing to buy their products. So buying Golden Membership on Neobux and  Premium Account on ClixSense will surly increase your earnings.

How to Rent Referrals

In order to rent referrals you need money either in your main PTC site balance or via any payment processor. After renting referrals you need to keep an eye on them because not every person will click on daily basis. Also some referrals might not click at all which means you will not get paid. But the good news is that you can any time change the person if he or she is not clicking at all.

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