Some of you might be thinking that how do daily deals sites make money in Pakistan and how they work. In our country several websites are already providing this facility like,,,,, etc. Some sites provide deal of the day and other provide weekly or monthly deals. You might also be thinking who is selling all these products in cheap rates. Well the good thing is that any body like you and me can sell things on these sites and earn money. One thing to keep in mind that these sites only provide the platform not the goods you buy.

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Daily Deal Tips

This is not get rich scheme or free method to earn money. You have to invest some money so be careful if you are new to this world.

You need to find the product which has more potential but you can also get decent profit. One example is mobile or smartphones, food like pizza or burgers, cosmetics item etc.

You can also set the item selling limit like 100 to 1000 or even more. This will hugely increase your profit margin.

You don’t have to promote the site or your product. It’s that much easy and with the comfort of your home.

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