A landing page as the name suggests is a special design page which is meant to gain the attention of your site visitor. Normally in WordPress sites we use landing pages for email address but it can be used for any reason. Internet is very big and more than one million websites born every single day which means it’s very important to grab some kind of contact info of your site visitors so that in future you can contact them. Also keep in mind that these pages are only for special audience and not for everyone in order to improve the conversion rate.

So the goal is same that don’t let visitor leave site and try to engage him or her which will eventually increase your site bounce rate and time as well. As you all know that in cpa campaigns not everyone will fall in your trap and try to leave the page as soon as possible so you can try other methods like displaying message on exit button action etc. IN some cases landing page use to redirect traffic to your main site and you can use more of these in order to increase sales.

Why do we need a landing page?

Some of you might not like this strategy but it is a fact that Ad companies don’t like direct links and they often called it spamming. They want their product to be shown to only those who are actually interested in it not to everyone. There are many types of it including opt-in pages, mini squeeze pages, pre sales pages, joint venture pages.

The reason why I like to create for myself is the total control I have over it. With this you can change the tracking code of the campaign any time and design as well by simply ping submission sites. Also if your design is different from others than it’s easy to grab sale unlike the page which is same all over the internet.

In many cases it’s not good to show your main product to all people who visit your blog. In-fact it’s good to grab the email of most of them and then send them multiple follow up emails with your affiliate tracking code. This is the human nature that they will not buy the product at first sight, they need time in order to understand that the product they are going to buy is worth it.

Elements of a good Landing Page

Be Specific – Don’t just put every single detail of your product on that page instead show them some kind of video or main message and them redirect them to another page.

Free Benefit – No matter how rich your visitor is everyone likes free stuff so if you are collecting emails of your customers than in return what are you offering them. Try to offer them your e-book for free via email subscription form.

Title and Wording – Your landing page title should be very attractive and bold so that visitor force to read it. Also create some kind of timer and show them that this offer is not for lifetime and will end in few days time.

Make it Big – In the example of email submission forms you often noticed that email text box and subscribe buttons are very big. That is to draw the attention of visitor and in a sense try to force him or her to do this action.

Creating Landing Pages in WordPress

There are two ways to go in WordPress, one is obviously via plugin which is not free because you need to buy it. Second one is Manually build or hack your theme page template(which obviously require some coding skills.)

Free Plugins

WordPress Landing Pages is a free plugin which you can use with any theme but the down side is that it’s very basic and many users complaint about run time errors/bugs. Of course it’s free you cannot ask for more it will do the job for you if you are newbie. With WLP you can check your conversion rates, run A/B split tests, or change your very own website template so that it give the same look and feel. Good thing I like about it that it gives you the ability to change it’s parameters via Visual Editor too.

Drag and Drop Theme Builders

Thrive Theme – Now move on to the paid plugins which are mostly drag and drop theme builders now a days. Thrive themes landing pages plugin is the best in the market with over 162 templates designed by professionals and with drag and drop feature it’s work like charm. Even a ten year old kid can use this tool but obviously all good things are not free. But can buy there single license in $67 or pay $19 per month for unlimited websites.

Optimize Press – Now create sales pages on the go with Optimize Press landing page plugin. No more coding required when you can build & edit Pages in Real-Time with drag and drop editor. The best thing about it is that what you see is what you get which means great result in less time. On top of that result page will be fully responsive and Mobile Ready which means more conversions/sales.

Lead Pages – According to Tech Crunch technology website Lead Pages landing page plugin is the number one Landing Page Builder in the world. The unique feature I like about it is that you can start with High-Performing templates, customize them and at the end create your very own unique style. Also their pricing is very affordable starting from $25 per website license to $200 for unlimited sites.

Create Landing Page Manually

I am not describing here how to create landing page from scratch but will give you the idea how you can use simple HTML templates to create one for yourself. First of all download free templates by doing the Google search command mention below.

download site:blog.leadpages.net

  1. You will find many free templates, just download your favorite one and extract the files.
  2. Rename “index.html” to something like this “page-landing-template.php”.
  3. Now you need to customize the HTML page so copy below mention line and paste it at the top of the code.
  4. <?php /* Template Name: Landing Page */ ?>
  5. At the end of the template paste this code before </body> close tag.
  6. <?php wp_footer(); ?>
  7. Upload files via cPanel or FTP to your WordPress server in theme’s folder.
  8. Make sure that all the path’s to the java script files, CSS and images are correct otherwise template may not work for you.